Lest We Forget

a commentary on socio-political developments and institutional policies


Nocturnal market
Fire-lamps dotting the dark
Like stars at night
Esa is awake!

Mokan is asleep
Esa is awake
Circuitous markets of life
The relay race of life

Spirits and humans transact
Openly. Confluence
Of life and death

Run, run, run,
Esa makes provisions
For the night
When Mokan is drowsy

Starry-eyed feet
Stumble not in dark
The Spirits of Esa guide
The young and the old

No night keeps the hungry
Esa, the benevolent
Caring and catering

Mokan at dawn
Esa at dusk
A happy couple
Thy children are raucous

Midnights fall
Fire-lamps fall
The stars dim
Here and there

Kamil, My brother
Son of Ashowo
Broke the news
Esa is no more!

Esa is no  more!
Mokan is dying!
Desolate children
Better days gone

Thy children nostalgize
Lamp-lit nights
Curing hunger

Empty nights
Spirits roam
Humans grope
The market square

The nocturnal market
Finally slept
No more lively night for Esa
No more spritely dawn for Mokan

Ajina where are you?
Anadoru is no more
Wail! Sons of Ashowo
Thy fire-waisted mother is no more

Children walk the land
In hunger
Esa! Esa! Esa!
The Mother is gone!


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