Lest We Forget

a commentary on socio-political developments and institutional policies

Ode To Yoppy

She is my first baby girl
And the epicentre of the family.
She took charge of the home majestically
And all the chores she did matronly
And we all depended on her absolutely.
Once she’s around all challenges disappeared.
She cooked the food, fixed the gas,
Powered the generator, handled the laundry,
Fumigated the house and herbicided the grass.
She would smoke out any rat in the house
And any snake that strayed into the compound was in trouble.
While everybody fled for cover she would pursue the snake
And make the serpent pay dearly for its stupidity.
Strong and valiant – our own German Machine;
When she broke down occasionally we all felt it.
We wished, and worked for her rapid recovery
-at least in our own interests.
As a daughter she served meritoriously
And when loved crawled into her bosoms
We hardly noticed the magnitude of it.
Yet she has her life to live.
On the eve of her wedding day
The celebration of Engagement,
She was full of life and radiance
Such as never seen before,
Sweet and sparkling like champagne.
And on the Wedding Day she danced
A dance of independence
A dance of love
That ended her father’s hegemony
And the beginning of a new life,
A new season, a new home.
We understood each other so well
Can’t remember ever beating her once
She is everything anyone could wish in a daughter
I rarely called her Ayopo,
Except in exasperation
When she was beyond earshot.
Her lovely sobriquet was Yoppy
Although others call her A Y,
And her name I often whistled.
Saturday -November 15,
Every one left everything else
And came to celebrate her
Wishing her a happy married life.
It’s still like a dream to me
That my baby girl is gone from me.
It’s the reality of life, though.
With tears of a joyful heart
I joined friends, family and well wishers
And with ten thousand applauses
To wish Mrs Ayopo Ogunsanya
A Happy Married Life.
But truly – I am already missing her.


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